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5 things you cannot miss about Mahahual 😍

Mahahual is a hidden wonder from the Caribbean Sea. When you think about beaches in Mexico maybe Cancún, Tulum or Cozumel are your firsts thougs but you need to look more to the south.

A couple of hours from Chetumal and Bacalar is this small fishing town.

We are sure that you did not know some of the most important attractions of this white sand beach and that is why we list them below:


1. The second largest Coral Reef in the world.

After the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Mahahual is part from Mesomerican Reef; the reef extension is about 1000km and 300km are located in Mexico.

At this place you can see diferents animal species like sea turtles, manatees, queen shell, black coral and horn coral.

You can dive into the clear water and be in touch with this huge ecosystem.


2. Snorkel with Carey Turtles.

There are a few tours where you can visit a tiny space where the open sea and the beach conect; that place is home from one of the most beautiful sea turtles in the sea: the Carey Turtle.

This specie is knowing by their emerald colors and shy personalitie. They are very good hidding from the humans but the local guides can take you to the secret place where you can approach to them and see this courious specie. Don't forget they're in their habitat so be careful and respectful to them.

Of course you cannot feed and touch them. If you take the tour the boat can arrive to our dock.


3. Eat the freshest dishes from the sea.

Very early fishermans starts to arrive to the beach with them products; fishes like pargo, boquinete and picudas. Also lobsters, squid and even octopus.

If you wake up very early like 5:00 in the morning they are avaliable to sell their products. And if you are to busy resting there are a few restaurants where they get the freshest ingredients so you can eat them while you're in front of the beach.

Ask in reception our suggests.


4. Be in touch with the nature

Coatis, spider monkey, tapir, manetee, white tail deers, diferents bird species, turtles, jellyfishes and rays. Palms and fruit trees. You’ll be sorrounded by the nature and fresh air.

Don't forget your camera!


5. The best place to relax.

Once in a while you’ll have the chance to enjoy an stunning sunrise at the Mayan Coast. Laying on a traditional hammock listenting the hitting waves at the coast. Early birds singing and the sound of serenity. The begining of a new day of exploration, new experiences and another relaxing day in this hidden wonder of Mexico.

Remember in september the sargassum season ends. So its a good moment to book and visit Mahahual. If you want to stay with us just clic below and fill the form we have a few options for you. We’ll be in touch soon.


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